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It is a wheel lock designed for a variety of uses, such as transportation, show room exposure, parking, motorcycle maintenance. The robust frame is equipped with four large bases under which there are screwed as many thick rubber soles: thanks to their particular shape, allow a safe use on many surfaces without requiring its fixation if not in case you use it on a lifting bench for safety reasons.

The wheel lock is equipped with mobile cradles for front tire widths from 130 to 160 mm and adjustable to accommodate diameters from 15" to 23".

In the case of use in a show room, it is possible to bind the bike more safely through the belts (optional).

(the images have the sole purpose of presenting the product)

Easy Stand L

  • - Construction material: steel

    - Coating: polyester powder

    - Frame length: 550 mm

    - Frame width: 700 mm

    - Weight: 21.5 kg

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