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The winning idea

The great passion for motorcycles and mechanics, combined with the propensity to solve practical problems led Ambrogio Borla to the registration of the European patent EP 1 918 183 B1 (Device for Facilitating the parking of Motorcycles or the like, particularly for parking in tight spaces) and the realization of numerous models and solutions for parking motorcycles, systems for handling and parking of any type of motorcycle.

Experience and tradition

Since 1955, Resteghini is specialized in civil and industrial precision light metal carpentry. The mechanical workshop provides experience at the service of customers since over 60 years.


Quality, durability and innovation

Listening to customers' needs, Blikle has develops and manufactures high-quality, durable, innovative and practical wheels for safe, efficient and ergonomic movement of goods, machines and transport systems.

Quality and service first


SGK Paint is a company specialized in sandblasting and industrial painting. It employs people with many years of experience in the sector with various types of paint.

Guaranteed quality

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