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It is a parking device suitable for handling any model of motorcycle with wheelbase up to 1750 mm, weight up to 500 kg and rear tire with a width up to 300 mm.

Its main feature is the presence of the front wheel lock. This allows, once inserted the motorcycle, to keep it vertically without the use of its own stand. The vertical position of the motorcycle is thus advantageous in different space solutions.

The wheel lock is equipped with mobile cradles for front tire widths from 90 to 130 mm and adjustable to accommodate diameters from 15" to 23".

The presence of the two adjustable profiles of the conveyor facilitates the centering of the front tire for a quick, safe and correct insertion into the wheel lock.

The strength, the low ground clearance, the 4 wheels equipped with Stop-Fix braking system and the exclusive Grip-Ramp allow easily and safely the load of the motorcycle, sitting comfortably on the saddle and riding on using the engine.

The footrests provide a comfortable raised support useful during loading and unloading of the motorcycle.

The 4 Blickle® wheels with reduced rolling resistance ensure smooth handling even in the presence of large motorcycles, allowing easy overcoming of small imperfections of the floor.

The directional locks can be easily engaged and disengaged from standing position. When inserted they improve the directionality and reduce the effort in the parking device handling. When disengaged, they allow rotation or lateral translation.

The exclusive adjustable side bumpers can be applied on both sides of the parking device and avoid accidental contacts between motorcycle and walls of the garage. In addition, the front bumper is a valuable aid in handling in tight spaces, safeguarding both the parking device and the surfaces in front.

(the images have the sole purpose of presenting the product)

Bike Shuttle Free WL S

Shipping expected in 1 month
  • - Construction material: steel

    - Coating: polyester powder

    - Length: 2170 to 2340 mm (depending on wheel lock position)

    - Width: 740 mm (excluding adjustable side bumpers)

    - Platform length: 1960 mm

    - Platform width: 280 mm

    - Height of the platform surface respect the floor (no load): 44 mm

    - Ground clearance (no load): 30 mm

    - Ground clearance (full load): 21mm

    - Weight: 60 kg

    - Wheels: 4 Blickle® L-PATH-100K-FI-FK

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